Hep B Community

Supporting those caught in the silent epidemic

270 million

people worldwide have Hep B and there is no cure.


people in Australia have chronic Hep B.


people with Hep B will die this year in Australia.

Hep B is a devastating global epidemic

Hep B is a contagious disease affecting 270 million people world-wide.  Although incurable, it can be easily prevented with a vaccination. Treatment for Hep B sufferers focuses on managing the symptoms.

Around 1 million people every year living with Hep B will die early due to liver cancer or liver cirrhosis.

In some countries and communities, the stigma associated means people living with Hep B suffer alone and without support. Many affected people live in silence not disclosing their infection status to anyone.

Hep B Community Is Providing A 'Virtual Community Hall'

The Hep B Community is a safe and inclusive online platform for people with Hep B (and their families) to connect to one another and access trustworthy health information.

As more people turn to the internet for advice, we need to grow our platform to support people affected by Hep B to safely connect with one another, without judgement, and get trusted guidance for healthy living.

Will your help support the development of this platform?

  • Your $50 will help the Hep B Community to continue to run the server, software, and domain.
  • Your $75 will assist with an awareness campaign to reach more people who have been diagnosed with Hep B, but have no support otherwise.
  • Your $100 will pay for a dedicated staff member to expand the site and provide dependable responses to those with acute questions.

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