Privacy Policy

Collection of information

Westmead Hospital Foundation collects information from staff, patients, donors, donor list brokers and members of the public solely to carry out its marketing and fundraising functions. Information collected includes names, postal and email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, occupation, areas of personal interest, responses to surveys and records of donations. The information is collected by correspondence, phone calls, emails, surveys, completion of forms, requests for receipts and the purchase of potential donor lists from third parties. Westmead Hospital Foundation will never directly approach a patient and ask for any personal or medical information. Information collected from patients for use in marketing material (such as direct marketing, annual report or this website) is volunteered freely by the patient, and approved by the patient prior to publication.

Ensuring data quality

Westmead Hospital Foundation aims to ensure that personal information held by us is accurate and as up-to-date as possible. Information from third parties is checked with each party where possible. We are able to provide access to the personal information of the individual concerned upon request and will correct any inaccurate information. If an individual has a concern about the way we handle their information they can contact us at We will endeavour to respond promptly and within thirty days to the complaint. If the outcome is not satisfactory, a complaint can be made to the Office of the Information Commissioner.

Ensuring data security

Westmead Hospital Foundation does not hold patient medical or other personal records at Westmead Hospital. Electronically stored information is protected by security programmes and passwords. Paper records are stored in locked facilities. Personal information is not provided to any overseas recipient.


Westmead Hospital Foundation allows individuals to act anonymously or to use a pseudonym where it is practical and lawful to do so. For example, we will accept anonymous donations or donations under a pseudonym, but are unable to issue a tax-deductible receipt to the donor.

Sensitive information

Information on race, ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health information or sexual inclination is classed as sensitive information. Westmead Hospital Foundation does not collect sensitive information except with the client’s consent or where required by law.