Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

To support and advocate Westmead Hospital's efforts to provide even higher quality healthcare and medical research to the Greater Western Sydney community

Our Values

These guiding principles shape how we work together as a team and with the people, donors, customers and communities we work to serve.

Holistic Impact

To be a holistic positive impact to the hospital executives, staff, and community, not just funding.


We do our best when we work with others to achieve mutual goals.

Donor Centric

We recognise that delivering an excellent donor experience is central to our success.


We put the trust of donors, executives, staff, and partners as a top priority in everything we do.

Agents of Change

We think diferently and look beyond the obvious to strive for new and better ways to achieve our goals.


We recognise that our environment and the needs of our donors, patients, and communities are constantly changing.

Westmead Hospital is at the heart of everything we do