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$5,681 raised

$8,400 Goal

$5,681 raised

$8,400 Goal

Lyn's Story

I didn’t know about ovarian cancer. Having since spoken with oncologists I had the classic signs and classic journey to the late stage Ovarian Cancer diagnosis that 70% of women have.

Some symptoms - bloating, fatigue and loss of appetite were evident in 2020 - I was so bloated a colleague asked if I was pregnant!  As flattering as that was at 58 it was concerning.

The April 2021 pelvic ultrasound was normal.  I don’t recall my GP raising Ovarian Cancer.  Putting symptoms down to diverticular disease, shift work, ageing and slowing metabolism, I got on with life.

In November 2021, I saw my GP about a lump in my groin. It was deemed too small to be of concern.  In June 2022, the lump had grown.  A scan, biopsy and other tests followed – I had stage 4 Ovarian Cancer.

  • 5 women are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer each day in Australia
  • 3 women die from Ovarian Cancer each day in Australia
  • Less than 50% of women, some still in their teens are alive 5 years after diagnosis
  • Symptoms are vague and often attributed to something else
  • There are no screening tests – internal examinations, pelvic ultrasounds and a blood test; CA125 marker might show cancer. They don’t rule cancer out.
  • If symptoms persist record them in a diary. Tell your GP. Further tests may be needed.
To read more about Lyn's story, please visit The Pulse.

- Know The Signs
- Tell Your GP
- Get Tested
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Marathons 4 Ovarian Cancer

Before cancer I was fit and active.  Working as an orderly at Westmead, I was part of the muscle and transport system of the hospital. I coached hockey, took our dog for long walks and gardened. 

Treatment challenged me.  After 18 months of chemicals, I wondered what the point of life was if I no longer had the fitness to do the things that I enjoyed.  The answer – 42 of course – the meaning of life and a marathon to boot!

Commencing Wednesday May 8th – World Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day I intend to tackle a daily circuit of cycling, rowing and swimming at Blacktown Leisure Centre Stanhope to regain some of the strength and fitness that I had prior to treatment.

The challenge will be the equivalent of completing 5 and ½ marathons over 42 consecutive days.

I am not sure how I will go. Your support for Marathons 4 Cancer will provide enormous encouragement to tackle this challenge head-on.

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Ovarian Cancer - Changing the Story

Research over the last 10 years has shown that there are many different types of Ovarian Cancer.  Understandably the “one treatment fits all’ approach hasn’t worked for everyone. 

Funds raised from Marathons 4 Cancer will be directed to The Crown Princess Mary Cancer Centre to support the research they are doing in to the delivery of personalised medicine

Known as targeted therapies the research seeks to determine ahead of time which therapies will work and which won’t based on the molecular make-up of a patient’s specific Ovarian Cancer type bringing hope to the 1800 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year of a new story, a brighter story.

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