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About the BC Ball

Cancer is one of the biggest challenges that anyone and their family can experience, it does not discriminate in its devastation. Blood cancer touches the lives of many Australians, in fact the equivalent of 50 people per day, or one person every 28 minutes is newly diagnosed with a form of blood cancer, and it was on one unassuming day in 2009 that the Fallances’ were presented with this incredible challenge.

In 2009, Pauline Fallance was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, and from what started with a seemingly innocent blister on her finger, led to a hospital admission and treatment starting within 48 hours of diagnosis. For Pauline’s treatment of acute myeloid leukemia involved progressive rounds of intense chemotherapy, breaking down the body’s immune system to disturbing effect in an attempt to kill the cancer. The impact that this process has on someone can only be truly understood by those who have to endure it, mostly in isolation, and those who support them.

It is these supporters, both in her first, and subsequent successful battles with cancer, that drive the Fallances’ to give back. To support blood cancer treatment and research at Westmead Hospital and to purchase tickets for the Bloody Cells Ball 2023 on Saturday 26th August, simply select:

C5a Ward at Westmead Hospital

Throughout Pauline's treatment, Westmead Hospital, and in particular the dedicated staff in the C5A Ward provided an incredible amount of support and strength. Many of the nurses and staff that supported Pauline are still working in the ward today, showing tireless dedication in helping others in need.

In its ever-growing community, the funding needed to support medical services is increasing. Our aim is to provide Westmead Hospital with the additional financial support needed to evolve, innovate and remain at the forefront of healthcare in NSW and Australia.

To support the work we do at Westmead Hospital, you can make a donation to the C5a Ward at Westmead Hospital below. 

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